Oregon Episcopal School offers an inquiry-based education that prepares students for higher education and lifelong learning. We are a community of learners in which excellent faculty engage small groups of students to foster their curiosity and inspire them to cultivate their power to do good work in the world.



Among the woodlands, wetlands, and wildlife of the hills of Southwest Portland lies the unique educational experience that is Oregon Episcopal School. The school occupies a 59-acre campus where 870 students in Pre-K– Grade 12 share an excellent faculty, a college preparatory curriculum, and a strong sense of community.

Offering a true liberal arts curriculum, OES is dedicated to scholarship and an enriched academic environment of "learning by doing" that strives to help each individual reach his or her fullest potential. Small classes provide intimate learning environments that allow teachers to instill in each student a love for learning and the joy of discovery. Learn more about our Academic philosophy and Essential Competencies.

The oldest Episcopal school west of the Rockies, OES values developing the spirit as well as the mind. Though steeped in Episcopal heritage and tradition, the school welcomes students of all beliefs. We provide instruction about all major faiths, and encourage individuals to discover their own spiritual path. Learn more about our Episcopal tradition.

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Welcome to Oregon Episcopal School. Whether you are a prospective family exploring OES for the first time, an alum looking to reconnect, or a current student/family, we hope you will find our website enjoyable and helpful.

For those of you who are exploring OES for the first time, we are pleased you are interested. First and foremost, we are a community. As a Pre-K through 12th grade school, we partner closely with families through the growth and development that happen during these extraordinary years. We know our students and families well—which is why we can support them so thoroughly through the adventures of Lower, Middle, and Upper School.

For almost 150 years, OES has educated students, preparing them for higher education and a life engaged in learning, service, and engagement. We succeed because of a remarkable faculty and an innovative, inquiry-based program.

In the Episcopal educational tradition, OES is committed to high academic standards, coupled with a commitment to the artistic, physical, spiritual, social, and emotional growth of our students. We gather each week as a community, guided by our chaplains, and commit substantial time to our service-learning programs, giving back to the school as well as to our local, regional, and global communities.

"Our teachers know each child, stretch students to their potential, and give them independence to discover their strengths, push their limits, and learn to love the thrill of learning."

The intellectual journey is at the heart of the OES experience. We believe children learn by doing, and we use inquiry as a driver for learning from our earliest grades. In our Middle and Upper Schools, this evolves into an emphasis on research and performance. This emphasis crosses disciplines—from science to history to world languages. Our goal is to develop habits of work and habits of mind in our students to prepare them for the world they will be entering. Our success is reflected in the many graduates who return to campus to tell us of their comfort and success in college, the work force, and ultimately in their communities.

We look forward to your visit to our campus and the opportunity to show you our comprehensive program in action. You will see engaged and excited students who truly love being at school. You will see students who exercise critical thinking and who are becoming young men and women of vision and courage. Please join us on this exciting journey.


Mo Copeland
Head of School

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Oregon Episcopal School prepares students for higher education and lifelong learning by inspiring intellectual, physical, social, emotional, artistic, and spiritual growth so that they may realize their power for good as citizens of local and world communities.

Vision: Where We Are Going

Connecting people, ideas, and cultures to advance knowledge, create solutions, and enhance meaning.

Identity: Who We Are

Our Oregon home matters: Perched on the Pacific Rim, nestled between the ocean and the mountains, bordered by both natural wetlands and urban development, we nurture intrinsic curiosity about complex environments and people of diverse backgrounds, creating intentional connections and collaborative, sustainable solutions.

Our Episcopal tradition matters: Rooted in a rhythm of gathering and reflection, we educate toward a larger purpose—toward inclusion and respect, understanding and compassion, service and social justice, toward meaning and commitment beyond ourselves.

Our School philosophy matters: Grounded in the belief that the advancement of knowledge flows from open and rigorous inquiry, we cultivate the life of the mind and the whole person by connecting questions with exploration and discovery, theories with scrutiny, expression with art, and self with subject.

Diversity & Value Statements

OES believes that diversity in our community is essential to the school’s success and is a cornerstone of our presence in the local and global world. OES commits to raising awareness about differences, engaging in dialogue, and recognizing the courage it takes to see the world in new ways.

Drafted by a committee of students, parents, faculty, staff, and administrators in 2013 and approved by the OES Board of Trustees in May 2014, OES articulates its commitment to diversity and inclusive community as follows: 

Community: What We Value

Awareness: Human differences matter. Recognizing and engaging the range of human thought, experience, and identity are essential to this school community.

Dialogue: The extent to which the school commits to ongoing dialogue and effort towards inclusion will determine our ability to wholly fulfill the school's Mission and realize its Vision.

Courage: OES recognizes that conversations about inclusive community require courage. Mistakes and times of discomfort are a part of the learning process.

Commitment: The OES Board of Trustees recognizes its leadership role in creating an engaged community that:

  • Embraces and celebrates a diversity of people, voices, and perspectives.

    1. Develops intercultural communication skills for local and global understanding and citizenship.

    2. Understands historical privilege and power inequities, and challenges norms and systems that perpetuate exclusion.

    3. Regularly evaluates and strengthens the school's practices of equity and inclusion.