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FEB 16-23, 2019
Keller Auditorium
222 SW Clay St
Portland, OR 97209


Everyone's favorite fairy tale returns to the Keller Auditorium this February - OBT's Cinderella! Against the backdrop of Profofiev's luscious score, performed live by the OBT Orchestra, Ben Stevenson's popular ballet brings Cinderella to life with both slapstick humor and lush romanticism, along with gorgeous sets and spirited dancing. But when the clock strikes midnight, Cinderella must make a choice - to tell the Prince who she really is, or return to a life overshadowed by her step-mother's cruelty. A triumphant tale of courage, hope, wishes... and magic.

The tale of Cinderella is an ancient one, originally communicated orally from generation to generation, and first printed over 1,000 years ago in 9th century China. The story is familiar to cultures around the world: Our Cinderella heroine is named Yeh-hsien in China, Cendrillon in France, Aschenputtel in Germany, Rashin Coatie in Scotland, Cenerentola in Italy, Katie Woodencloak in Norway and Mossy Coat in England. And though details are altered from one version to the next, (the heroine attends between one and three balls during the story; the heroine’s identifying feature could be a shoe, a ring, a bracelet, an anklet) there are striking consistencies across the stories in structure and message. ‬‬‬‬‬‬

Ben Stevenson, O.B.E.
Sergei Prokofiev
♪ All 7 performances with the OBT Orchestra

Video clips of Oregon Ballet Theatre's preparation for CINDERELLA from 2015’s performance.

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