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Voodoo Threauxdown ft. Trombone Shorty & Orleans Avenue, Galactic, Preservation Hall Jazz Band, New Breed Brass Band with special guests Cyril Neville, Walter “Wolfman” Washington


Voodoo Threauxdown ft. Trombone Shorty & Orleans Avenue, Galactic, Preservation Hall Jazz Band, New Breed Brass Band with special guests Cyril Neville, Walter “Wolfman” Washington



FRI, SEP 7 2018, 6:30 PM
Britt Pavilion
350 S 1st St

Jacksonville OR 97530

The city of New Orleans, one of America’s most unique and diverse cities, celebrates its 300th anniversary in 2018. To celebrate his hometown’s tercentennial, its rich cultural heritage, and the bright future of its music, Trombone Shorty has handpicked an all-star lineup of Crescent City musicians to bring the The Big Easy to Britt with “Trombone Shorty’s Voodoo Threauxdown.”

Headlined by Trombone Shorty & Orleans Avenue, the touring street party also features Galactic, the Preservation Hall Jazz Band, and New Breed Brass Band, plus special guest appearances by Big Easy legends Cyril Neville, Walter “Wolfman” Washington and more. 

“New Orleans is the best place in the world,” says Trombone Shorty. “I want to bring people the experience of New Orleans—I always encourage people to come to the city and see what made me, what influenced me, but not everyone can come visit. Plus, there’s a lot of other musicians in the city who feel the same way, who play this music and have their own take on keeping tradition alive. With this show, my friends and I want to spotlight New Orleans and bring joy, fun, and partying to the nation, because that’s what New Orleans creates. That’s what our music is about.”

Other Artists: Galactic, Preservation Hall Jazz Band, New Breed Brass Band with guest artists Walter “Wolfman” Washington and Cyril Neville

American jam band formed in 1994 in New Orleans, Louisiana and originally called Galactic Prophylactic. Their music mix hip hop, electronic, world music, rock, blues, and jazz. The band is currently: Stanton Moore (drums), Robert Mercurio (bass), Ben Ellman (saxophone/harmonica), Richard Vogel (keyboards), Jeff Raines (guitar). 

Preservation Hall Jazz Band
The Preservation Hall Jazz Band derives its name from Preservation Hall, the venerable music venue located in the heart of New Orleans’ French Quarter, founded in 1961 by Allan and Sandra Jaffe. The band has traveled worldwide spreading their mission to nurture and perpetuate the art form of New Orleans Jazz. 

The Preservation Hall Jazz Band is: Mark Braud – trumpet, vocals; Charlie Gabriel – clarinet, vocals; Freddie Lonzo – trombone; Rickie Monie – piano; Clint Maedgen – tenor saxophone, vocals; Ben Jaffe – Creative Director, tuba; Ronell Johnson – tuba; Joe Lastie, Jr. – drums

Other members sometimes include: Frank Demond – trombone; Shannon Powell – percussion; Leroy Jones – trumpet; Lucien Barbarin – trombone; Carl LeBlanc – banjo; Darryl Adams – saxophone; Elliot "Stackman" Callier – saxophone; David Silverman – tuba

New Breed Brass Band 
New Breed Brass Band lives and breathes the culture of New Orleans, infusing funk, rock, jazz, and hip-hop into a custom-made enhancement of second-line brass band tradition. 
“That’s what we came up under,” says snare-drummer Jenard Andrews of second line bands like the ReBirth, Dirty Dozen, and Lil’ Rascals Brass Bands. “Now we’re trying to take that sound and bring in some new stuff and expand it. We bring outside influences like Earth Wind & Fire and Brass Construction, trying to interpret a different song for every genre, and make it all our own sound.” 

With a founding core of five New Orleans natives, New Breed Brass Band made its street debut as a nine-man unit in November 2013 at the Nine Times Second Line. Since then, they have showcased their originality opening for such diverse bands as The Fray, Red Baraat, Dr. John, The Waterboys, and Trombone Shorty & Orleans Avenue, as well as competing in the Red Bull Street Kings brass band competition in 2013. 

Most of the members have been playing music since they were toddlers and count such New Orleans legends as James “12” Andrews, Troy “Trombone Shorty” Andrews, Topsy Chapman, Karl Leblanc, and Bruce “Sun-pie” Barnes as family members. Honing their childhood experiences playing music with their families, and on through high school marching bands and concert ensembles, the nine members of New Breed are united to one cause: rocking each show and entertaining audiences to the maximum degree possible. The band’s strong desire is to be the next heavyweight contender among internationally known New Orleans brass bands.

Whether performing in their hometown or on the road, New Breed will forever bring the vibe of the New Orleans second-line with them. “We can’t wait,” Andrews says of bringing the New Breed sound to stages and festivals around the world. “It’s a new breed of music that we’ll be bringing to our culture, and we hope to create a new sound for our city in the process.” 

“These kids take the music and the ethos seriously. They get it. The way I see it, the future of the New Orleans brass band tradition is in their hands. I really believe that.” – Troy “Trombone Shorty” Andrews

“New Breed was amazing. The other young bands in NOLA seem to want to go the route of making it less raw, more polished. New Breed are super young and clearly want to work—they are as good as any brass band I've seen, and could be a ReBirth-level act soon if they stick with it." – Zach Ernst, Paramount Theater (Austin, TX) booker, internationally touring musician

“If we need any replacement players, we get ’em from the New Breed Brass Band. The best teaching we can give is experience.” - ReBirth Brass Band trombonist Stafford Agee

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