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MJ New Quartet


THU, NOV 29, 2018
The Old Church
1422 SW 11th Ave
Portland, OR 97201

MJ New Quartet

Led by jazz pianist Darrell Grant, the MJ New Quartet pays homage to the introspective elegance and sophisticated soundscape of the legendary Modern Jazz Quartet (MJQ), while creating a distinctly new sound with their unique blend of classical and jazz. The MJ New Quartet also includes bassist/composer Marcus Shelby, vibraphonist Mike Horsfall, and drummer Carlton Jackson.


Audiences are likely to hear Bach smoothly segue into Antonio Carlos Jobim, an impressionistic treatment of a jazz standard, a reimagined Chopin etude, or a four-part improvisation on a Beethoven sonata theme, as well as thoughtful interpretations and explorations of MJQ classics.